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Book Number 337 – Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker

Book Jacket for: Hickory dickory dockAn extended version of the nursery rhyme.  Counting all the way to twelve with different animals.  Little N loved the snake taking the key.  After reading several times, I noticed there was a snail’s progression throughout the story, so now Little N always stops to see the snail on each page spread.

Book Number 56 – Baa, Baa Black Sheep by Annie Kubler

Book Jacket for: Baa, baa, black sheep!A familiar song/nursery rhyme illustrated with simple pictures and actions for signing some of the words.  Though Little N is now 12 months, he hasn’t responded to any baby signs – meaning he won’t do them.  Of course, I’ve not done much with them with him, so it is my fault.  However, he did enjoy watching me make the signs each time we shared the book.

Book 25 Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker

Product DetailsA fun counting and rhyming book.  This will be a good one to revisit when Little N is older because of the counting portion.  “Three, four…” for example – there are four eggs and three caterpillars on the page.  It would be fun to ask the child to count and see which objects are three and which are four.

I also wanted to share how I read to my very busy 10 month old.  I usually can squeeze in some reading time while he is eating in his high chair or after he has finished eating (depending on his mood).

reading high chair