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Book Number 80 – Silly Sally by Audrey Wood

Book Jacket for: Silly SallyThis story will have you wanting to chant and sing.  A simple story full of rhyme and silliness.

Little N is fourteen and a half months.  Reading to him has been a struggle.  Yesterday, he finally acted remotely interested for awhile.  We have been reading some books over and over – I try not to post the repetitions here.  I will continue to try and not give up.

Book 25 Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker

Product DetailsA fun counting and rhyming book.  This will be a good one to revisit when Little N is older because of the counting portion.  “Three, four…” for example – there are four eggs and three caterpillars on the page.  It would be fun to ask the child to count and see which objects are three and which are four.

I also wanted to share how I read to my very busy 10 month old.  I usually can squeeze in some reading time while he is eating in his high chair or after he has finished eating (depending on his mood).

reading high chair