Monthly Archives: July 2014

Book Number 252 – The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom

Book Jacket for: The bus for usI cannot count the number of times Little N has asked me to read this one.  The story unfolds as a guessing game – showing a small portion of the next vehicle as Tess asks her brother if the vehicle is the bus.  A great vocabulary builder and perfect for transportation enthusiasts.

Book Number 250 – Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud

Book Jacket for: Have you filled a bucket today? : a guide to daily happiness for kidsI love the idea behind this story – the subtitle is a guide to daily happiness for kids.  Essentially, the way to be happy is to treat others kindly.  For some reason, my two year old was enchanted with this story.  He brought it to me several times and said – bucket book.  I thought it was too old for him, but there is some element he really likes.  I will definitely revisit this because it is an important concept that I want to teach my son.