Monthly Archives: June 2014

Book Number 219 Ah Ha! by Jeff Mack

Book Jacket for: Ah ha!A brilliantly tale told in only two letters – just how those letters are used makes all the difference!  Frog finds himself in some relaxing situations (Aaaahhh), some threatening situations  such as a dog eyeing him (ah ha!), and some triumphant situations (ha! ha10!).  This story would appeal to all ages.  Little N enjoyed the pictures and repeating the words.  He loved me telling him about the situations.

Book Number 218 – Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein

Book Jacket for: Dinosaur kisses Newly hatched Dinah dinosaur has lots to explore and learn.  She observes a kiss, but cannot seem to get it quite right – stomping and chomping get in the way.  She finally finds the perfect partner with whom she can experiment – another baby dinosaur.  A silly tale with lots of action!

Book Number 217 – Mice by Rose Fylemann and illustrated b Lois Ehlert

Book Jacket for: MiceI’ve always enjoyed this poem, and I’ve always enjoyed Lois Ehlerts colorful collages.  Little N had fun with this story, and I think would make a great segue into collage crafting – especially how simple it would be to replicate the mice.

Book Number 216 – My Bus by Byron Barton

I picked this up because I loved the colorful cover, and I knew Little N loved buses.  I didn’t have time to read it before we got into the car, but I gave it to Little N to peruse while in his car seat.  I heard him chime bus, plane, train, and boat.  I wondered what he was babbling on about.  Well, when we got home and read the story – sure enough there were all those modes of transportation.  Pair that with a couple of cats and dogs, and you have one fine story for toddlers, not to mention a bit of simple math going on!

Book Jacket for: My bus

Book Number 214 – Little Trucks with Big Jobs by Robert Mass

Book Jacket for: Little trucks with big jobsI try to make my way down the nonfiction aisle once in awhile as I dash through stores and libraries picking out books for Little N.  This one was perfect for Little N’s growing obsession with trucks.  Large, colorful photos make it easy for Little N to identify the trucks he sees on a daily basis, and there were a few trucks that were new to him – he loves hearing me say Zamboni (maybe one day we will see one in real  life).  The one that intrigued me was the telephone truck – wonder if those are still around in this day of cell phones!