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Book Number 337 – Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker

Book Jacket for: Hickory dickory dockAn extended version of the nursery rhyme.  Counting all the way to twelve with different animals.  Little N loved the snake taking the key.  After reading several times, I noticed there was a snail’s progression throughout the story, so now Little N always stops to see the snail on each page spread.

Book Number 87 – Giggle! By Caroline Jayne Church

Book Jacket for: Giggle!Rollicking rhyming story about things that can make us laugh.  Bonus – book includes a button you can push that plays prerecorded giggling.  Personally, I thought the giggles were a bit on the Halloween cackle side, but Little N loves to just push the button over and over.  He lets me read the story as he pushes the button – a big plus!