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Book Number 252 – The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom

Book Jacket for: The bus for usI cannot count the number of times Little N has asked me to read this one.  The story unfolds as a guessing game – showing a small portion of the next vehicle as Tess asks her brother if the vehicle is the bus.  A great vocabulary builder and perfect for transportation enthusiasts.

Book Number 216 – My Bus by Byron Barton

I picked this up because I loved the colorful cover, and I knew Little N loved buses.  I didn’t have time to read it before we got into the car, but I gave it to Little N to peruse while in his car seat.  I heard him chime bus, plane, train, and boat.  I wondered what he was babbling on about.  Well, when we got home and read the story – sure enough there were all those modes of transportation.  Pair that with a couple of cats and dogs, and you have one fine story for toddlers, not to mention a bit of simple math going on!

Book Jacket for: My bus