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Book Number 105 – In the Jungle – a peekabook

Baby animals ask a question, and their parents answer – through a lift the flap.  The flaps are a fun way for babies to interact with the story.  There are also rhymes.  A solid little book – not stellar but good.

Book Jacket for: In the jungle

Book Number 57 – Who Am I? Baby Animals by Charlie Gardner

Book Jacket for: Who am I? : baby animalsThis was so fun to read and play with Little N.  He loved grabbing the little preview cut out and turning the page.  He would flap it back and forth when I said – peek – a- boo -not part of the story, but you can totally do with it!  The book gives clues and you guess who the animal is.  Once you see the animal, the book suggests things you can do to pretend to be the animal.  A great book for play!